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I’m excited to announce the launch of a new website designed to help us with fundraising for Mission Year!

Good Shoppr is a fun new shopping site that aims to give you a great shopping experience: a wide range of products, the ability to influence what we carry, and the knowledge that every purchase is in fact a good deed. You can browse and shop on Good Shoppr knowing that a portion of your purchase will go to the not-for-profit organization we highlight at the time.

We started Good Shoppr as a creative way to raise funds for charitable organizations. We are not in it for personal gain (other than the ability to support causes we care about), and all our proceeds will go to our chosen charities. (As we grow we may need to offset some taxes and expenses, but our aim is to keep those to a minimum).

Our affiliation with Amazon assures you of secure purchase transactions and reliable shipping. When you are ready to checkout, you’ll actually use and enjoy the benefits of your existing Amazon account.

Shop for goods, shop for good on .

Good Shoppr FAQ

What is Good Shoppr?

Good Shoppr is an online shipping site created to provide a great shopping experience and to have a positive impact on the world by donating a portion of all purchases to a not-for-profit organization or other good cause.

Do you carry a physical inventory of these products?

No — that kind of overhead would make it impossible for us to donate our proceeds. We are able to minimize overhead and maximize our charitable giving by combining some programming skills and creativity with’s affiliate program.

Why not just shop on Amazon?

Amazon is a great site and we’re big fans. By shopping on, however, you get access to all the products Amazon carries. At the same time, you shop knowing that every time you buy something you are having a positive impact on the world through the portion of your purchase that goes to charity.

Is this legal? What’s your relationship with Amazon?

Totally legal. We are part of Amazon’s affiliate program and strive to operate within their guidelines and rules.

What if I’m an Amazon “Prime” customer? How can I tell if one of your products is “eligible for Prime” and do I still get my free 2-day shipping and $3.99 next-day shipping if so?

This is a feature we know is important to many of our users and here’s how it works: We are not able to make the Prime-eligible indication a part of our product displays. But, if something is Prime-eligible, you will receive the benefits when you checkout through Amazon. Be sure to use your Prime-eligible Amazon account for checkout to receive the benefits.

Here are two ways to figure out if something you want to purchase is in fact “Prime”: (1) Go to Amazon and look the item up, determine whether it is Prime, and then come back to GoodShoppr to buy; or (2) put the item in your cart on GoodShoppr and when you go to checkout, you will be taken to Amazon. Once there, you can just hit “one-click” to process your order or you can check out manually. If you go the manual route, you will see the details of the order before finalizing, and you can see if you qualify for free shipping due to Prime eligibility.

How do you decide what causes to support financially?

At the outset we are choosing organizations and causes that are important to us.

Can I recommend a worthy cause, or can organizations apply to be one of your donees?

We’re working on that and welcome your suggestions and feedback at

I ordered stuff. Where is it?

Please visit **** to track your orders. Amazon manages all billing, shipping and returns for goods purchased through Good Shoppr.

What if I want to buy something Amazon carries but I can’t find it on GoodShoppr?

We have a great feature for this! Here’s all you do:

  1. Go to and find the product page for your item
  2. Copy the url for that page
  3. Come back to Good Shoppr and visit our **Product Lookup** page.
  4. Paste your url into the space provided under “Product URL”
  5. Hit Enter and voila—you’re at the product page on GoodShoppr!

Is there a way to request that you carry certain products?

We’re working on that and welcome your suggestions and feedback at

Last updated on February 16, 2022.