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Old Wolf’s in Sheep’s Clothing

Solidarity is dumb. At best it is an object lesson. At worst it is self flagellation. To the extent that it increases empathy, it is laudable but as penance it is lousy (even heretical).

Being “intentional” is often just code for perfectionism. Do not fear making mistakes or missing opportunities. Perfect love casts out fear. Being intentional is the new legalism.

You do not honor God by neglecting or dismissing your privilege. Use those things to glorify God. To whom much is given, much is expected. Work hard that you may one day hear, “well done, good and faithful servant.”

Five Tips for Great Sex

  1. Fidelity
  2. Love
  3. Service
  4. Communication
  5. Hygiene

On Nature

Nature is brutally indifferent to you. Why then be so enamored by it?

The Bible as Play Book

Rule Book vs Play Book

A Favorite Observation

“The risen Christ bares marks of the crucifixion.” – Rick Plain

The Best vs The Worst

Read The Best first.

Read The Worst second.

See Gmail thread “The Best vs The Worst. Your thoughts?” for details.

Theory of Gift Giving

  • Something they would like.
  • Something they want but wouldn’t get for themselves (e.g. iPad upgrade, trip somewhere, etc.)
  • Something that communicates “I know you” e.g. something in their favorite color, other things according to preference ex: fragrance free, etc.

Five Names Alan Kay Thinks You Should Know

  • John McCarthy
  • Ivan Sutherland
  • Douglas Engelbart
  • Robert Barton
  • Bob Taylor

Blunder Before You Start By Butchering Names

How to pronounce names from different regions… I don’t know?

Brave New World

  • God discussion is meh. Nothing new there.
  • Infantile emotional state was realistic.
  • Obsession with numbers is practically “quantified self” movement.


  • Barbarian vs barbarian.
  • Significance of Mariko in both cultures.

Platinum Rule

Platinum Rule: treat others the way they would have you treat them.

Contrast with Golden Rule: treat others the way you would want to be treated.

Plenty of Time

Parable of Satan and three demons – plenty of time.

Spiritual Grades

Parable – “God does not grade on a curve.”

Trapped in Heaven

Parable of the fly trapped in a bag of dog poop.

Parable of Ecclesiastes 5:11

  1. Parable of the farmer who produces more to be stronger but to do so must work harder still.
  2. Ecclesiastes 5:11
  3. Student that keeps going back to school to learn more to pay off their loans.

“Efficiency is not a moral measure.”

“Efficiency is not a moral measure.”

Software is Very Profitable

// second most profitable business in the world after oil (microsoft)

// sitting on cs-degree is like sitting on an oil well

// create something of value, sell it

// one of the most incredible craftsmen-like jobs: after the startup costs of computer + internet, then you can think it, make it, and share it for just time

Tackle Risk First

// Andy’s lesson: for large software projects, tackle risky parts first even if you’re not good at them. Otherwise, you’ll spend a bunch of time on what you already know you can do and everything may collapse if those risky parts fall through.

// Certainly true with startups: clients first because the biggest risk to your product is having no users

Be Scrappy

Paul Graham says they’re wary of hiring anyone who has spent more than nine months at a BigCorp (Google, Apple, Microsoft).

I think the problem is remaining scrappy. BigCorp is never scrappy. It’s antithetical to who they are.

Some people dress it up with the word “pivoting”, whatever.

Defining characteristic of hackers: scrappy-ness; Webster: Having an aggressive and determined spirit.

Lent 2013

I gave up cursing for lent. I know it’s dumb. I’ve done much more interesting things before but this year I wanted something simple and easy.

If only it were easy.

Profanity is ugly. I see that now.

Tell Me More

Three words to improve your career, relationships, and self: “tell me more.” Want to be known as a good listener? Just ask, “tell me more.” Want your boss to think you’re receptive and a team player? Ask him, “could you tell me more?”

Whenever there’s a problem or your receive criticism or someone’s hurt, you’ll do well to make your first response, “could you tell me more?” Could you explain that further?

It’s rare that the first time you heard something from someone, you got it exactly right. Or even that they expressed it with the full scope of their feeling or understanding.

What’s life’s greatest luxury?

What’s life’s greatest luxury?


Business Graveyard

I just moved back to California and was fortunate to buy a house in Santa Clara. Our new home means furnishing and I’m excited to have an office again.

In furnishing my office, I went to a used business furniture warehouse and the experience was a little eerie. It was like a business graveyard…

Practical Good Friday Message

Pastors/preachers/prophets will spend hours on Good Friday reveling in the theological implications of the day.

But a more practical lesson is that of non-violence.

Non-violence is itself a rather offensive message. Goes against “stand your ground” laws.

My neighborhood could grow a lot if it practiced non-violence.

Your potential. Our passion.

Microsoft’s tagline: “Your potential. Our passion.”


Your potential is Christ’s passion.

Giving Style

Bill Gates has an interesting giving style. It seems to be: make a lot of money and then give most of it away.

That’s admirable.

But is it faithful?

I used to want that giving style for myself. But now I think it better to tithe a regular amount. Tithing is both admirable and faithful.

Exercise is the celebration of health.

~ Grant Jenks

One gives freely, yet grows all the richer; another withholds what he should give, and only suffers want.

~ Proverbs 11:24

Anxiety can leave us in a kind of functional atheism.

~ Brad Wong


FOMO — God: See! I am doing something new.

This is the message of Revelation and the whole gospels.

Process vs. Product

Far Niente wants a consistent product, not a consistent process. Since grapes are a living thing, a consistent process would not yield a consistent product.

  1. Consider from an engineering perspective.
  2. Consider from a management perspective.