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My Fiancée

Ever since my fiancée started teasing me that none of my blog posts mentioned her, I’ve wanted to write one about her. My fiancée’s name is Shannon and she is the greatest woman in the world. I have no doubt that many men and women will disagree but I say, “Ha! If you only knew her the way I did.” To me she’s that special one, that most special-est one. And no, you can never know her the way that I do. (Except, perhaps, if you are God.) The bond we share is exclusive and that makes it all the more special. I’m sorry. It has to be that way. Now, a little bit about Shannon:

Shannon smiles. Shannon laughs. Shannon thinks. Shannon works. Shannon prays.

Shannon’s warm. Shannon’s playful. Shannon’s smart. Shannon’s resilient. Shannon’s faithful.

Shannon comforts me. Shannon teases me. Shannon arouses me. Shannon fights me. Shannon gets me.

Shannon is made for me and I long for her.