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Moving on from Microsoft

Today I officially resigned my position at Microsoft.

In the summer of 2006 I commuted by Microsoft’s Silicon Valley campus each morning and looked longingly at it. I made it my goal back then to eventually work there.

In 2007 I got my first opportunity and joined a compiler team codenamed Phoenix as an intern. I had a great experience and joined full-time the following year when I graduated. I moved to Washington and Shannon joined me the following year.

Life at Microsoft has been more up than down and I was glad to remain with them in 2011 on a leave of absence while I pursued Mission Year. I returned after that year to the Bay Area and began working with my team in Redmond from the Mountain View offices.

At some point in the last year, I was commuting to Microsoft and realized I had achieved my goal. I worked in the very offices I used to pass by longingly.

At the start of this year I set new goals. Unfortunately that means leaving Microsoft for now.

It’s been a good 5 years. Thank you Microsoft for all the experience and memories you gave me.

Microsoft Silicon Valley Campus

Microsoft Silicon Valley Campus

Last updated on February 16, 2022.