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A great compliment: intentional

Last weekend, Shannon and I had the honor to visit friends in D.C. for their wedding. The occasion worked nicely so that we could travel to New York thereafter to visit with family for a memorial service for my Grandfather, Jim Jenks. As part of our trip, we stayed with friends of the bride and groom who live in Arlington, VA. How it was exactly, my wife and I still don’t know, but we connected very quickly with our hosts and their community of friends. E and R were fantastic hosts and we owe them a great deal of thanks for giving us a place to stay. Over the course of our visit, we discussed a great many things.

Soon after we arrived back in the Northwest, we got an email from E just saying how fun it was to get to know each other a bit and thanks all around. In the middle of her email was a great compliment: she said they admired how intentional we were about life. Intentional. I had never thought to compliment someone with that word before but now I see how very nice a compliment it is.

The truth is, if Shannon and I are intentional, it’s because we try. We try very hard, actually. And I suppose that’s the point.

What are you intentional about?