Free Python Games Development

Free Python Games development is lead by Grant Jenks <>.

Collaborators Welcome

  1. Search issues or open a new issue to start a discussion around a bug.

  2. Fork the GitHub repository and make your changes in a new branch.

  3. Write a test which shows the bug was fixed.

  4. Send a pull request and message the development lead until its merged and published.

Requests for Contributions

  1. Simplifications to existing games.

  2. Refactoring to simplify games.

  3. Improved documentation.

  4. Additional games. Requirements for new games:

    • Fun to play.

    • Matching code style.

    • Limited Python feature set.

    • Short (less than 100 lines of code).

Get the Code

Free Python Games is actively developed in a GitHub repository.

You can either clone the public repository:

$ git clone

Download the tarball:

$ curl -OL

Or, download the zipball:

$ curl -OL

Installing Dependencies

Install development dependencies with pip:

$ pip install -r requirements.txt

All packages for running tests and building documentation will be installed.


Free Python Games currently tests against three versions of Python:

  • CPython 3.4

  • CPython 3.5

  • CPython 3.6

Testing uses tox. If you don’t want to install all the development requirements, then, after downloading, you can simply run:

$ python test

The test argument to will download a minimal testing infrastructure and run the tests.